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Important Changes to Probate Rules in Nassau County Surrogate’s Court

August 11, 2022

There has been a major and burdensome change to the Probate rules in Nassau County Surrogate’s Court.

If your spouse dies and you have to Probate their estate, you now need to submit a copy of your marriage license. If you were married outside of the United States, you would need to pay to have your marriage license translated by a certified translator. 

It is advisable that everyone scan in a legible copy of their marriage license and make sure someone else has copies/scans of it just in case it is ever needed. 

If it the marriage license needs to be translated, that can be done later on, but you would still need a copy of the original. 

As a courtesy to our clients, The Law Offices of Katharine J. Richards, P.C., would be willing to maintain a scanned copy of your marriage certificate in your file.

Please contact us at (516) 505-1780 if this is a service you would like to utilize and/or if you would like to discuss the options to avoid Probate altogether.

With this, as with ALL legal matters, you are strongly advised to speak with an attorney.

For questions or assistance, contact the Law Offices of Katharine J. Richards, P.C.
at (516) 505-1780 or e-mail Info@KJRichardsLaw.com.