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COVID-19 Procedures Update

June 19, 2020

As your health and safety are our primary concern, our law office has implemented the following procedures to protect everyone:

  1. All persons entering the office suite are required to wear masks. Gloves are optional.  If you do not have a mask/face covering, one will be provided.  We also have gloves if you would like.
  2. If you are feeling unwell, or have a temperature, you may not visit the office. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment or handle it remotely, if possible.
  3. Hand sanitizer and alcohol hand wipes are readily available for your use.
  4. We clean and sanitize all surfaces between client meetings, as well as clean all general office areas and surfaces three times per day.  We have multiple air purifiers running throughout the day and also use UV disinfectant lights when there is no one in the office.
  5. Beverages are served in paper or plastic cups.
  6. We clean the bathroom key holders several times a day and always after each use. The bathrooms are a public space for the suites on this floor.
  7. To minimize your time in the office, all conversations and/or document reviews can be handled via Zoom video conference or conference call or by telephone call.  In-office meetings are available if that is your preference, but there may be limited availability to maintain safety protocols.  
  8. The conference room has a multiple Plexiglas shields/guards to separate us during face to face meetings and for document signings.  The shields can be positioned any way we need to provide the most amount of protection.
  9. Each client will be provided with a new pen for their personal use if they do not have one.
  10. No more than two (2) people will be permitted to attend a client meeting. If the client wishes others to attend, those people will be given a Zoom video conference link, or a conference call-in telephone number for the agreed level of participation.

We will adhere as closely as possible to CDC and other guidelines for your safety and comfort.

With this, as with ALL legal matters, you are strongly advised to speak with an attorney.

For questions or assistance, contact the Law Offices of Katharine J. Richards, P.C.
at (516) 505-1780 or e-mail Info@KJRichardsLaw.com.