For all of your Estate Planning needs

The Law Offices of Katharine J. Richards, P.C., provides legal advice and assistance in the areas of Elder Law, Estate and Tax Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Medicaid and Asset Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning, Real Estate and Guardianship. Our firm’s goal is to provide our clients with advice and guidance in order to avoid financial and emotional distress during difficult times.

Located in Garden City, New York, with Suffolk locations upon request, the firm is managed by Katharine J. Richards, Esq. With a combined experience of almost twenty-five years in practice, Ms. Richards is proud of the reputation she has developed as an experienced, skilled, effective and compassionate attorney.

We believe that it is not enough to know the law; but that we must also know how to listen to our clients, respond to their concerns and fears, as well as read between the lines to figure out what may be behind certain issues or hesitations. Clients are not always the most forthcoming, and it is often our job to act as a mind-reader, social worker, therapist, family counselor, mediator, etc., because these areas of the law are rarely about a single person. At The Law Offices of Katharine J. Richards, P.C., we understand the intricacies of inter-family dynamics; we respect the individual opinions of our clients and their families; and we guide our clients in a manner which is best for them.